My Life Goal Is To Find The Guy Who Took Derrick Rose’s SAT

This is a no-brainer 30 for 30 for ESPN. There should honestly be one on just Worldwide Wes, but we can do it bit by bit and go through each story of his.

We kinda forget that Derrick Rose paid some kid to take the SAT for him. Like some guy walked into a Detroit high school and said “Yes my name is Derrick Rose and I’m here to take the SAT”. For whatever reason, it’s always eaten me alive that we don’t know what the person looks like. Somewhere, there’s a dude working at an insurance agency, still driving the 2008 Porsche that Wes bought for him, who’s sworn to secrecy over the matter. You sit down with that guy, and ask him about the process of being approached by Calipari and Worldwide? That blows the lid on the whole KGB-esque operation they’ve got going on over there.

It’s at this point in the article where you’re thinking “why did I click on this? It wasn’t funny, and I learned nothing new”. I tell you why you clicked on it: to spike my ego by adding to our monthly views. Oh, and maybe because you’re a source that wants to blow the lid on this story. If that’s so, hit me up instead of a real journalist who would know what to do with a tip like that.


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