Who Am I And What Site Am I On

So nice of you to ask!

This is the first blog post of my newest venture, so it’s important to give some clarity on who I am and what this website is. My background is in sports blogging, a field I have 4 years of experience in. AKA I joined a fansided blog my freshman year of college to work as a slave and give them clicks for free, and then I started my own website/media company for like 3 years with some friends that had moderate success. And by moderate success, I mean we once had a sponsor on our site that paid us $50 a month. We were swimming in cash. I’m talking Jif instead of Schnucks brand peanut butter money.

But then the shit got too much. One thing that got to much was Twitter. That place is a cesspool mixed with a circle jerk. Someone makes a shitty take, and then all of Twitter either acts like they’re a gladiator and that quote tweeting with “this is despicable.” will solve the issue, or it’s all the other shitty people jumping on the take that they didn’t believe in before they found out it was incendiary.

On top of that was the anonymity. When I first started blogging, I didn’t give a shit about who knew what I was writing. And then I graduated from college and started thinking about jobs. Not that my previous writing was going to keep me from getting a job, but like I’d rather an interviewer not be asking me about why I wrote that Kobe is a “overrated arrogant product of Nike that wouldn’t have won any championships on any other team in the league”. There’s a reason I didn’t put that in my cover letter fam, don’t ask me about it. Nonetheless, I needed the anonymity in my writing, as sad as that may sound.

So what are we? The dreaded question of every 18-24 male. We’re a blog about sports. and music. and politics. and culture. and random shit. Normally in these first blog posts, the person writes something like “and I’m not afraid to go there”. Well I’m still a little afraid to go there to be honest, because I’m absolutely terrible at staying anonymous on the internet and I’ve probably already tipped my hat on who I am somehow. It might not be the best material every day. But what I hope you can get out of this is good music selections and a chuckle or two.

If you want to reach out get to us at youmightvethought@gmail.com.


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