Reddit User u/SEAinLAL Has Beaten Woj, Shams, And The Rest of NBA Journalists On A Handful Of Beats The Last Year

Full Reddit History

At first thought, I figured what every sane person figured. This was clearly Adam Silver’s burner account. Guy was bored at work, just dicking the day away, and he thought he’d have some fun and relate with his players by ducking into the shadows. But that doesn’t seem plausible, because I haven’t found any comments yet of him defending the size of his neck or saying there’s no proof that he was the Toys R Us giraffe, so that theory fell apart.

My next guess was that this was some rogue personal assistant of an agent. In shocking news, I did no research on this prior to theorizing it, and none of the players have the same agent, thus we move on.

My final guess on who the person is, is that it’s a 21 year old interning at the NBA offices for the summer who is eavesdropping on phone calls in the offices in order to get that sweet, sweet Karma. It’s long been an interest of mine how reporters even start getting sources. Traditionally, I understand it. Like if you were a journalist in the 90s, you went to the stadium or practice facility, made friends with coaches, players, and front office staff. They’d tell you things. You’d report them. But now? Guys like Shams have broken the formula. He was just sitting in class emailing and texting sources into submission.

This dude takes that journalism one step further. Whether he is who I theorized, or if he’s just a guy who knows people, this is becoming a whole new sector of sports media. The gatekeeping of sources and who gets to break scoops is dissipating. I do not know what sports journalism in 2020 will look like, but sports journalism in 2025 will be dominated by Reddit commenters


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