How Did Anyone Get Arrested Before 1930

The year is 1903. You’re desparate, and out of money. You just got laid off from your job at the big front wheel small backwheel bicycle factory. So you do what most desparate men or women would do. You go rob your local bank. But oh no, there’s a mix up! You accidentally shoot Beatrice the clerk! Whatever will you do!
You walk out of the bank, get on your horse, and go like twenty minutes away. And you live the rest of your life, becuase they’ll never catch you. Ever.
How did anyone ever get arrested back then? People had to run to go tell the one policeman in town what happened. Then that police officer had to run all the way there, or ride on a horse or whatever. By the time they got there, you had already fleed. Then what sort of police work do they do? They don’t take fingerprints or check the security cameras. They just ask people what you looked like. As we know from pictures, every single white person from before 1930 looked exactly the same and wore the exact same clothes every single day. Only one haircut had been invented at this point in history.
You didn’t even need to flee far, just a moderately far distance. If you robbed a bank in chicago, you just needed to go to like Joliet and you’d be fine. Take any Metra from downtown Chicago to the end of the line, and that’s the distance you had to go in in the early 20th century to avoid being arrested for murder or whatever crime you wanted to do.


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