You’re a Liar if You Say You Knew Boston Was North of New York City

My whole life has been a lie. Every geography teacher, nay, every teacher I’ve ever had should have be fired or have their pensions revoked for not informing me that the city of New York is south of Boston.
Why did I always think Boston was south of New York? It’s difficult to trace. One theory is that like, all of New York is north of Massachusetts. You’ve got tiny little New York City at the tip, but the state trails with an absolute wagon that I would, without checking a map, say stretches from Pennsylvania to Maine. What goes on out there anyways, between New York and Buffalo. Is that even a real place? The government wants us to focus on Area 51 in Nevada, but I’d bet there’s a UFO or two or three or four in that big space between the two.
The other reason I thought Boston was south of New York? Well, why wouldn’t people have just gone to Boston when they were immigrating over? Isn’t that closer to Europe since it’s further North? Now you look at it, and Boston is so much smaller. But in 1890? They couldn’t build buildings over 3 stories so everyone was on equal playing ground in terms of city expansion.
So in conclusion for those of you reading, I’ve been duped. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled, some have told me. Now that this truth has come out, what’s next? You’re going to tell me Iceland is really green and Greenland is really full of ice?


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