Friday Night Drunk Ramble

A little after 730 on the Midwestern coast, time for the Friday night drunk ramble live blog., Sit back as I sip a jack and coke and wonder where I’m going with my life. Check baack for updates throughout the evening.

  • Why are people still surprised that the President of the United States is a gigantic fucking liar? I was watching Maddow the other night as the news broke about Cohen telling Mueller that the President knew about the meeting that human burnt potato Donald Trumpp Jr. took with a Russian spy or whatever she was. Rachel was saying things like “if this is true, it means the president lied about not knowing about the meeting”. Like no fucking shit he knew, nobody takes a piss in that building without him knowing and watching. The guy lied about the weather at his inauguration. The weather!


  • Am I officially old now that the Fortnite craze has hit and I still don’t really know what it is? Like is this what our parents felt like when Pokémon came out?


  • While we’re on the topic, aren’t kids dressing a lot nicer than we were kids? Like who the fuck taught you to wear chino khakis. Go put on those big tents of pants marked “husky” with the stretchy waistbands that our parents made us wear until we were 16 years old.


  • Not to gas myself up, but I’m writing this blog on Internet Explorer. A pure feat of America Excellense that you hear them talk about. My computer is absolutely fucked right now. One of those things where random programs work, but then you try and open Google Chrome and your computer considers it an act of war.

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