Facebook And Twitter Don’t Owe You A Damn Thing

The social media landscape has turned into an argument between liberals and conservatives about who has it worse on Facebook and Twitter.

Liberals point out that the majority of fake news tends to attack democrats. As well, they have their constant battle with Jack from Twitter for not banning Nazis and white supremacists.¬†Conservatives think they’re getting shadow-banned, or taken out of the social networks’ algorithms so that their videos and posts are less likely to show up in news feeds. On both sides, they claim that Twitter and Facebook need to be held more accountable for their actions.

But hear me out, they don’t owe you a fucking thing. Like, not a thing at all. If you don’t like Twitter or Facebook, just stop going on it. We’re asking Mark Zuckerberg to be the judge of whether news is credible or not, is that really something you want? How about holding yourself personally responsible and judge for yourself whether news you read on Facebook is accurate? If you’re going to fall for a story on realnewsnetwork.co.net.com.us, that’s your own fucking fault.

You don’t want to be affected by the fake news or the Nazis or the white supremacists? Don’t follow them. Don’t follow people that follow them. If you don’t think that’s possible, then get off of the website. It’s especially surprising to hear conservatives, lovers of capitalism, calling on companies to change their actions for their favor. You think Twitter is abusing their power and banning your voice? Fucking leave. Go use google plus or Mark Cuban’s thing. The capitalism they’ve used as an excuse for systemic inequality would suggest Twitter would then go out of business. You don’t think it’s going to work that way? That’s capitalism you big dumb bitches.

And to the liberals, who think they’re losing elections because of Twitter or Facebook: GET OFF OF TWITTER IT IS ALL FAKE NONE OF IT MATTERS AND NONE OF IT WINS ELECTIONS. Dan Pfeiffer wrote in his book some shit about liberals “needing to win Twitter” (no I did not read it, but my close personal friends at Chapo Trap House talked about it a few weeks ago). The President is not going to resign because you quote tweeted his tweet with the law that he broke. Republicans are not going to stop suppressing the votes of minorities because you posted a fucking thread with statistics about how they’re doing it. Because Twitter and Facebook do not matter. You have to go and actually talk with people. You have to actually have solutions to problems, not just the ability to lay out what the problem is on an app.

People act like they can no longer live without Twitter. That it’s become so ingrained in our society as a source for news, that we have to fix it so that our whole society won’t fall apart. But think about your life 5 years ago, or even 3 years ago. You were doing just okay checking twitter once a day, or maybe not going on Twitter at all. The world has become so constant in the last two years. By constant, I mean that there’s a perception that something is always going on. There’s always a new story and report. When a basketball game ends, there’s the press conferences, and then the tweets about the press conference until the next morning, when there’s the clips of folks on TV talking about the game and the press conferences. Things never end.

But all of that is a matter of perception. Step back. Put your phone down. Open up a book, go for a walk, put on a movie, do something. You’ll realize that Twitter is a very, very small world. It’s not a cross-section of America by any sense, and it does not accurately portray the American electorate. It doesn’t mirror the demographics of America, and it sure as shit does not reflect the issues that Americans care about or turn up to the ballot box for. There are parts of Twitter and Facebook that have been great: it spreads important stories quickly, whether that be images of kids in detention camps, NBA free agency news, or election results. And at the same time, it spreads shit that does not, by any sense, matter in the slightest very quickly. The issue is not in distinguishing the fake from the real. It’s in distinguishing that shit you should be spending your day on versus the shit that shouldn’t be encompassing your entire being.


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