Does This GOP Candidate For Congress Being Sexually Attracted To BigFoot Make Him More Or Less Likeable? Let’s Investigate.

Hold your stones for one moment, we’re not throwing them yet.

Maybe in 1985, this would have been a career killer. It may have even been illegal. Then again, in 1985, if any politician even acknowledged that they were aware of what porn was, they may have been in some trouble.

But folks it’s time to wake up. The year is 2018. Kids in college dorms are sniffing each other’s butts and sucking each other’s toes. So this guy likes Bigfoot porn, whatever. He kept it to himself and his friends at least. It’s not like he made YOU put on a Bigfoot suit and fuck him. There are two things that are possible with this fellar. One, he’s a porn addict. Maybe not even an addict, but he’s run out of stuff to watch. Like he’s on page 78 of Pornhub, and nothing interests him. Then at 2 am on a Tuesday night he clicked something in the corner and what do you know a new passion was born.

The other option is that this guy absolutely fucks. Been plowing since grade school, and similar to the above scenario, he just ran out of stuff that got him going. It’s what happens to famous people, that’s why they have to have those weird sex parties.

So to answer the question of whether this guy is more or less likable now? 1000% more likable. He didn’t even make something up and say it was a lie, just that it wasn’t fully erotica:

Uh oh Bigfoot, are you worried yet? Because if this guy gets elected, we’re coming for that ass.


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