Elk Grove Village (A Chicago Suburb) Is Your New Sponsor For The Bahamas Bowl

For those of you not from the Chicagoland area, I can fill you in on Elk Grove Village. It’s one of those fake suburbs of Chicago that nobody actually lives in, but it’s seemingly always coming up in conversation because it’s right next to O’Hare. Just a bunch of future NIU Huskies who can’t hear for shit because they grew up with planes blasting over their heads.

This is a great idea for a small town nonetheless. I don’t know what it does for business really, but it’s got to be great for morale. A couple things though. First, you better make sure the water pipes, the schools, the roads, and everything in your town are the best in the world before you pull this stunt. Second, they should have to play this on the high school football field in Elk Grove Village. Don’t take the name if you’re not willing to get in the game. It’s much better for travel you see, because again it borders the airport. And who doesn’t like being right next to an airport.

Actually, let’s move any unaffiliated bowl games to the suburbs of Chicago. It works for both sides. On the one end, wouldn’t it be great for the economy of, say, Naperville to have a bowl game? And on the other end, wouldn’t it be incredible motivation for teams and bowls to find a sponsor so they don’t have to go to fucking Naperville for their bowl game?


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