You Can Hire A Fortnite Tutor For Your Child, But Maybe They Should Be For The Rest Of Us

Millennials are becoming parents and this is what we’re getting now. Couldn’t be more pumped about it too. Math and science and all that shit is for the birds. What’s more important is that you can hang and hold your own with people. If you have good interpersonal skills, you don’t have to have another skill to be successful. And if you’re great at a video game that you play with other people, you can start talking to them and hanging out and boom your child isn’t a nerd any more.

I’d honestly love one of these tutors, because I really missed the boat on Fortnite. As a 22 year old male you would think I’d be in on it, but it just hit at the wrong time for me. One day I’m in on what the young people are doing, and the next day I feel older than the butler from Batman. All I want to learn is how to do that one dance. With the arms and the knee bending. This one:

This has become the measure of if you’re cool or not and I’m just not cool. I have a lot of question about the whole culture of the game too. I have no desire to learn how to play really, just to know like 5 terms I can throw out so I can impress my peers ya know? There’s a business idea. A hotline that people over 21 can call and ask like 15 and 16 year olds what video games the kids are playing, etc. That’s trademarked, if you see someone stealing it holler out.


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