Derrick Rose’s Recent Trip to China and Scholarship Fund Means He’s Unequivocally BAAAAACKKKKKK

Anyone who doesn’t believe in Karma is a jackass. Obviously it’s real. Doing good things inevitably brings about good things in your life. I don’t think it’s because of some higher being, but because it instills confidence in you from yourself and others. Derrick Rose has, despite all the bad shit that’s happened to him, been building this up for years. Quietly, he’s been giving back to Chicagoland, funding after school programs and all sorts of stuff. In turn, Chicago’s been great to him. He’s still one of the most beloved athletes in the past 2 decades in the city. It’s like him, Urlacher, Konerko, Rizzo and Kris Bryant.

Now he’s taking it a step further and giving back around the globe, whether it’s through the scholarship program or surprising Chinese fans. We all like to be liked. And not to get all sappy, but we usually don’t get to see how much people like and care about us. When we do though, it can change your mood for the next year. This must be true in pro sports too. Going from being a walking god during his days in Chicago, to being a chronically injured bench player in Minnesota takes a toll on a guy.

But then you go to a faraway land, and see people freak the fuck out over seeing you, it’ll change how you think about yourself. You start to realize the global impact you’ve had, and remember how great you once were. From that, you start to believe in yourself again. For D Rose, that means getting back to just hooping. Forget about the injuries and all that. All this good karma he’s built up is finally going to pay off, and you’ll notice it when you see a confident and rejuvenated D Rose this year.


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