What If Next 9/11, We Don’t Show Constant Footage of 9/11

Would your life be that different? Would you suddenly forget about what happened?

It’s a tradition on cable news stations and elsewhere. September 11th brings an array of montages, “where were you” stories, and recollections of that same day in 2001. You’ll hear people say “we didn’t know what was going on” or how they still remember the sound of the jumpers hitting the ground.

I’ve been there before. There’s something that draws us to tragedy. It’s more curiosity than glorification. We don’t enjoy watching replays of anchors reacting live to something like 9/11, and yet it has tens of millions of views on YouTube. Naturally, there’s something within us that’s drawn to that. Maybe it’s the emotion it invokes in us, how we’ve cultivated a desire to be moved intensely. There’s so much information, so much intake of content, that being truly moved and shook has become truly harder and harder. Maybe it’s because you truly forgot what you felt that day, and you want to remember that feeling. Maybe it’s a million things.

One thing it’s not is a holiday, and not a day we should be nostalgic or reminiscent about. Large from Barstool said it best in his column this morning:

But I will tell you honestly that I fucking HATE the anniversary of 9/11.  If my dad were to ever die in a car crash, I would execrate all the major networks if they ran traffic-cam footage of that deadly crash over-and-over again on the anniversary of his death.  Similarly, my wife and kids basically get to see a plane crash into their father/grandfather over-and-over again once a year.

We’ve seen it enough. We’re not going to forget it. If you feel like you are, then maybe you should let that memory go. We’re spiking up raw emotions and fears from almost two decades ago, and for what? So that we stay afraid? Or as a way to convince ourselves that murdering thousands of civilians and sacrificing thousands of our own in a two decade war was worth it?

End the 9/11 holiday. Remember it, yes. But don’t tell yourself you’re never allowed to forget it.


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