No, @roddreher, Brett Kavanaugh Was Not Just “Being a Boy”. Also, why do you get a blue check mark?

Where Rod is from, apparently all teenage boys go around raping people when they’re in high school. But they grow up to be good guys so it doesn’t matter any more and everyone in town just forgets about it.

In the rest of the United States though, things are not the same. Let’s get ahead of this story before conservatives start running with it: it is not a common teenage boy experience to rape women, nor is it common to have the desire to do so. We had the same issue when the President was CAUGHT ON FILM TALKING ABOUT GRABBING WOMEN BY THE PUSSY YES THAT REALLY HAPPENED AND YES REPUBLICANS STILL VOTED FOR HIM, where they said “well this is how men talk in the locker room. Well, no, we don’t. Yes, some men do. Those men are assholes. Nobody likes those guys. We all think they’re gigantic douchebags.

Rod is correct that the difference between a 17 year old and a 47 year old are vast. When you’re that age, you’re dumb for sure. But you know that rape is wrong, and you know the impact it has on the victim. You know you’re ruining a life. It’s not shoplifting a candy bar or shooting people with a BB gun (both things that young black men, well kids if we’re judging it by the Kavanagh standard, got killed by police for). It’s violent, and lacks empathy. If Brett Kavanagh admits what he did is wrong, and the victim is willing to forgive him, he should be able to continue his career. If he says “yes I made a mistake, a vile one, when I was in high school and that’s something I have to live with forever. I’m truly sorry to the victim”, then I’m okay with him going on with his life as a lawyer.

But he should never have the right to judge people, especially at the highest level. We have a high standard for the Supreme Court, as we should. Decisions there have directly resulted in extended lives and deaths across the nation. The people making those decisions should be held to the highest standard, and have the cleanest record possible. we’ll let a few parking tickets slide, but anything more starts to push our boundaries. A rapist shouldn’t get to decide laws.

Lastly, fuck all these blue check marks on Twitter. I haven’t gone on regularly in awhile, and this is one of the reasons why. If Twitter were about that life at all, they’d take away all the blue checkmarks and only give it to people that buy at least $100,000 worth of their stock.


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