Here’s A Good Take: Jimmy Butler is A Defensive Carmelo Anthony

Yuge news from Shams today, that Jimmy Butler has requested a trade off of the Timberwolves. Which is now the second team Jimmy Butler has more or less forced himself off of.

So let’s talk the talk: he’s the new Carmelo. Or Dwight Howard. We always talk about the next Lebron or Kd, but we should be discussing the next “insanely talented guy who bitches and moans everywhere he goes and is sneaky a terrible teammate”. Jimmy Butler thought he was too good to be on the Bulls, whole simultaneously “not wanting the spotlight” (his words).

Now he’s forcing himself off of Minnesota, whomst gave up the world for him between Lavine, Dunn, and picks. Jimmy Butler will never be a superstar in the league, and he’ll never win a championship. Not because of the team he’s on, or the players around him. But because of Jimmy Butler. Who the hell fights with Karl Anthony Towns? He’s like the nicest dude in the universe?

We can already see where this is going. He’ll get traded to the Knicks, who will then sign Kyrie next year. There will be a lot of hype, they’ll be on magazine covers and in commercials together. And they’ll fucking stink. 27 wins, and a top 10 pick.


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