Brett Kavanaugh’s Temperament Alone is Disqualifying

Let’s paint a picture. It’s 2020, and Brett Kavanaugh is sitting on the Supreme Court. Cory Booker is running for President, and oh no we have another Florida situation! We have to go to the Supreme Court to decide in favor or Cory Booker or Mr. Trump.

Now we know Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito aren’t going to vote for Mr. Booker. Neither is Justice Roberts. These are just the facts we know from their judicial history. But what about little Bart Kavanaugh? How do you think the Supreme Court justice who blamed “the left” and “the Clintons” and screamed at “the democrats” is going to vote? At least with the other justices, there’s a semblance of non-partisanship. I mean, it’s a load of bullshit, but at least they act like it. But Bart O’Kavanaugh? There’s no shred of non-partisanship. Not one little bit. It ends the Supreme Court as we know it, and starts an era of hyper-politicized justices who will just keep going further and further right or left.

Brett Kavanaugh’s temperament is the issue. His grudges are an issue. His Trump-esque cable news language is an issue. His sexual assault is an issue. His feeling of entitlement is an issue. Imagine for a moment that Dr. Ford came into the hearing and screamed at Republican senators, asking them about their drinking habits, interrupting them, and screaming over them when they answer simple questions. She’d be painted as a psychopath, an over-emotional liar who’s acting with a vengeance and as a political warrior.

She came to the hearings with grace and a calm temperament. Judge Kavanaugh came with anger and hatred, an inability to stay calm in hard situations. You can’t yell and scream on the Supreme Court. You can’t sit there and yell at any democrat when they come through the door. We saw Judge Kavanaugh’s true colors yesterday, and they were terrifying.


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