It’s September 30th and the Kanye Album Still Hasn’t Dropped

So Kanye appeared on SNL last night and performed maybe his worst song ever with Lil Pump, and then a track with Teyanna Taylor that was flames. She said “I have birth on the bathroom floor, it was just me, Iman, and a pair of headphones”. Which, if you don’t know that story, educate yourself.

At the end, much like previously with TLOP, we all expected him to drop the album at the end of his performance.

But oh no, Mr. West decided to deprive us of that. Kanye, release the freaking album. We don’t have a lot going on our lives. This is like the main thing for a lot of us to look forward to until Thanksgiving. And you just lied about when it was coming out. Straight up lied. Look you’d be better off just not saying anything, and when someone asks you when it’s coming out saying “fuck you it’s going to come out when it comes out”. And we’d have no legitimate response, because we’d be waiting on our hands and knees for it.

My hunch is that Kanye released the album last night. Somewhere. In some corner of the internet or the world. He probably left it on the counter of a hipster coffee shop in Brooklyn, and he’s just waiting for someone to upload it to their google drive or wherever the kids are sharing music illegally nowadays. And no one is going to click on their link because we all have PTSD of crashing our family computer when we were 16 from downloading Lil Wayne songs. Maybe by Christmas Kanye will validate it with a quote tweet.


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